Lots Of HRBlock Scam Reports!

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A few of the Real Scam Reports from real people on

BEN of Monterey, la on Feb. 24, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

I filed my taxes the 3rd of February with the understanding that the return would be here in no later than 14 business days. Now being the 24th, I am pissed. H&R Block knew about the IRS delays at the time I filed and yet I was not informed nor have they tried to contact me. I have filed with them for almost 20 years. I am glad to say that I will never open their door again. They should give the money that they charged people this year back to them because we could have mailed them off ourselves and got them back by the time they will have them to us. I spent $391.00 to e-file.

Verna of Winnemucca, NV on Feb. 24, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 2/5

I took my taxes in the H&R Block office to be processed and I left them there.  I got a phone call from a person that had a question and I didn’t hear any more.  I waited and waited for about two weeks.  I went to the office to see if they were done and they were.  They charged an outrageous $157.

Margaret of Hemet, CA on Feb. 23, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

My 18 year old son went into H&R Block here in Hemet, CA to file a 1040EZ under their ad of free tax preparations. Expecting her to guide him, he told her he lives at home with his parents (and we support him) and showed that he only had $4,100.00 income for the year. She filed him as “not being able to be claimed on someone else’s taxes return”.

We called to her to see what can be done about this, she said she needs to file an amendment and it will cost him $100.00 to do this (which is what the tax board charges). That was a lie (we found out). The tax board doesn’t charge for this service, she does! My husband called her “superiors”. They told him to have our son call her back. He did for 2 days. She was always too busy to take his calls. My son and husband went into the office. She admitted that it was her fault, but it will cost to fix it.

That’s just not right! I don’t do taxes but I know enough to know that an 18 year can’t survive a year on $4,100.00 and when they say they live with their parents, obviously, they are being supported by someone. So is this how they get their money for doing “free taxes”?

Gretchen of Auburn, WA on Feb. 22, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

My husband and I were expecting a rapid refund to pay our bills and some debt. We did our taxes on the 3th of Feb. and were told that we would get our money on or two days around the 15th. On the 17th we called to find out why we haven’t received them and were told it was a hold up from the IRS. I’m steamed! We have this in writing so I was wondering if there are any law suits against H & R Block that we could possibly be a part of. This is totally fraud on H & R blocks part. My thoughts are that H & R Block should wave the fee or at least give us a large discount on doing our taxes. They should not be allowed to tell us we are getting our money at a specific date when we don’t receive it I would say that is fraud? I have read many of these complaints and fall into the same category as the rest of the folks who have complained on this web site. To top it all off our Emerald card has been charged now for even checking to see if the money is there yet. Of course we called the IRS and they told us that we will probably see the money by the 27th. That’s a far cry from the 15th.

kimberly of belvidere, IL on Feb. 22, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

I already filled a complaint, just making a statement .I find it funny that everyone that has filled with H&R Block has had nothing but issues, rude service, and when you ask them a question about your return that you paid for, they have no INFO and are blaming the IRS. When everyone that has used Turbo tax and other online sources have had no Issues what so ever and have already received the refund, while everyone that filled with H&R Block are stuck fiddling our thumbs hoping we receive our return within the next month or so. I have used them for over 6 years now and I have never felt so screwed in my life. I will be filling my taxes with Turbo tax next year and will only have to pay $80.00 to fill not $360.00.

Juan of El Paso, TX on Feb. 21, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

I went to H&R Block to do my taxes last February 2, 2012 here at El Paso, Texas. I was told I was requiring additional information. I had to schedule a second appointment and nothing was resolved. I called the IRS office and got the information requested, scheduled a 3rd appointment and they submitted the documentation to the IRS, they told me that I will receive my refund after 2-3 weeks. One day after that, I received a call from the H&R Block representative saying that the case was rejected. That day, I paid around $194.00 for the service.

I had to call again the IRS to verify the information and re-scheduled an appointment today, February 20, 2012. I had an appointment at 4:00 pm and the representative had other appointment at the same time. She attended the other person and after 45 minutes, I was not attended and I had to leave the office very angry. So I am frustrated, I am really disappointed and don’t know what else to do. I asked the person in the front desk to change my representative and asked them to return my money back and to do my taxes in a different place, but they told me that is not possible.

Any help is welcomed! I recommend you to think before you go and do your taxes with this company. Per my experience, I think some of the representatives are not well trained, they do not respect your appointments, the equipment or devices for electronic signature is continuously failing,etc. I suggest you to better analyze other options.

Laura of Lynnville, IN on Feb. 20, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

I had a situation at my local H&R Block office in Boonville, Indiana where the “tax specialist” (who was a barking nimrod) omitted a lot of my information, told me my husband and I owed the state $900, then had the gall to say the cost for their “services” would be almost $300. I collected my W2’s and proceeded to leave. She said I could try to do them myself, but that it was doubtful I’d have any different results. Then she said she’d be more than happy to keep the info in the system for me for when I returned. I told her not to bother and left.

There had been quite a few commercials for their deals and guarantees to get you the most back, etc. This is definite misrepresentation of services and they are pulling a bait and switch to get people in the door. Had I not had the presence of mind to realize something was terribly wrong, I would have just put my head down and paid it and accepted it that “well, they are the experts”.

I went home and did them through TurboTax and while my husband and I did indeed owe the state, it was only $211 and not $900. It was all e-filed and we were only charged $66. H&R Block should spend less on their misleading commercials and more on training their so-called “specialists”. I hope people realize that you don’t have to file through them just because you visited their office. You can leave at any time and you are not obligated to file through them.

jessica of silver springs, NV on Feb. 18, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

I called to see how much they would charge me and I was told free for federal and $30 for state. I went in on February 2, 2012 and first, the woman said, “Oh, you don’t have to file because you made under $10,000.” I said well they did take taxes out so she did them and at the end, I was charged $70. Then she stated 7 to 10 days. So at the 10th day, there was nothing on my card. I checked the paperwork and it stated the 15th. So I called and they said it’s 7 to 10 business days. Okay, it’s now February 18th and I still have nothing on my card and I am getting the runaround from them. They said the IRS is having trouble with their website so I should try back in a few days.

Clint of PMB 108, Fredericksburg, TX on Feb. 18, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

I went in to file a simple tax return, and ended up spending 2 hours and $178, only to be told that I owe $450.  What the **!

TRACEY of Lewiston, me on Feb. 17, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

I can’t believe I was charged $327 by H&R Block to file my taxes. The kicker for me was I started online on their website and had trouble with a couple forms and made an appointment. Well, all my info that I had entered at home carried over to the H&R Block office and the lady made a few typing corrections. I think some of that charge should have been waived, considering I entered probably 98% of the information for them.

Maria of apartment 31, NY on Feb. 16, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

On February 9th, I walked into the H&R Block nearest to my place of work (55 John Street) hoping to file my taxes for 2011. You see, the city of New York has made an agreement with H&R Block stating that individuals who made under $41,000 in 2011 and who have dependents are eligible to file their taxes for $29 with a sponsored coupon. I was greeted by a young girl who was sitting at the front desk and who took down my information. Very pleasant and polite, she passed on my information to a tax preparer who was also very pleasant and all smiles, that is, until I mentioned to her that I was interested in the promotion listed on the city sponsored coupon. It was then that this woman’s attitude went from very friendly and polite to dismissive and short.

Since I did not have my coupon printed, she could not see me stating that I would need to pay up front and when I offered to return to her with the printed coupon, she told me to go elsewhere. Not letting her poor attitude get to me and not letting me make quick judgments, I decided to give H&R Block another shot and this time, I met with a new tax preparer and a new front desk person on February 13th, 2012 who were also very friendly and eager to assist until I explained that the $29 coupon is what led me to their office.

As soon as I sat down and I mentioned the coupon, the tax preparer rolled her eyes and her entire attitude changed. She expressed her annoyance over the fact that this coupon is being offered and she kept asking (at least three times within the 20 minutes I sat down with her) me whether or not I thought that $29 for her services was too little; all the while there are other staff and customers in the office. The tax preparer did not seem interested in the least to help me with my taxes. She did not answer my questions and she kept trying to get me to agree to a tax credit I know I did not qualify for. It got to the point where this woman’s unprofessionalism and money hungry ways (apparently she makes a commission preparing taxes and my $29 wasn’t good enough for her) were just so blatant and so disrespectful that I could no longer take it and I asked to speak to a manager.

Unfortunately, the manager was not in the office at the time. I was so humiliated and so embarrassed that I had to force myself not to break down and cry. I expressed to the tax preparer how important it is for me to get my taxes done in a timely manner and why paying $29 would help me since I am a single mother. My tax preparer then decided to inform me that she was planning on writing a letter to Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of NYC, to inform him why this coupon is an inconvenience to her. I then informed her that while she writes her letter to Mayor Bloomberg, I would be filing a complaint with H&R Block’s corporate office and with Consumer Affairs and that she should seek another employer who doesn’t have this kind of agreement.

As a working professional, I understand the meaning of making a living and I totally get she makes a certain percentage off of whatever the customer pays; however, as a customer service professional, you need to be empathetic and sensitive towards the consumer because you are providing a service. I have never used H&R Block in the past. This was my very first and last experience with this company. I work Monday through Friday full time and attend school evenings and weekends full time as well, all the while I am raising a small child on my own. I did not need nor did I deserve to be treated this way. Whatever happened to “service with a smile” and “the customer is always right”? I have filed a complaint with their corporate headquarters and I will be taking my taxes elsewhere.

Kerri of Lawrenceburg, TN on Feb. 16, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

I went to H & R Block and had my taxes done. Well, I had 2 W2s and a 1099 I had received for doing side work. She entered that I was a small business owner! I ended up paying $337 because she messed up and now they will not fix the problem!

Paula of Springfield, OR on Feb. 16, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

Went to H & R Block to do my taxes like I do every year. I usually get the rapid refund for around $250, but they no longer offer the rapid refund, so I figured it would cost me a lot less since I was not getting that much back anyway. I spent about an hour there and the lady told me my refund amount and then she told me the charges. I nearly fell over in my chair when she said $400. That was a 1/3 of my refund amount. She said that was the price for the forms and preparation. I feel ripped-off and I will never go there again. I have been getting my taxes done from them since 2000. $400, that is close to how much I pay for rent every month. To top it off, I am a single mother going to school and I am unemployed at the moment.

Theresa of 513 Oakwood Bch, MI on Feb. 16, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

I went to H&R Block to have my taxes done and I couldn’t believe the price jumped up over a $100 from last year. And then the agent spent most of my time answering the phone. Never will I have them do my taxes again or recommend anyone to go to them. It’s not like I am a big business with a lot of paper work to do. Just two people retired!

Jason of Upland, CA on Feb. 16, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

I went to an H&R Block office on February 7, 2012 and on the paperwork they told me I would receive my money on or around February 15, 2012. They sent me an email on February 15, 2012 telling me that there is a delay with refunds due to the IRS. I called H&R Block’s customer service line and they said my new return date was going to be February 23, 2012. I then went to the IRS website and they quoted my date being February 28, 2012. I called back H&R Block’s customer service line and they still quoted me the 23rd of February. I told them what the IRS website said and they told me to go by that date instead of the date they gave me. In the paperwork that H&R Block gave me when I got my taxes done they guarantee your money in 7-14 days. Now it is going to be 3 weeks before I will receive my refund! Anyone who reads this: do not go to H&R Block to get your taxes done. They just tell you what you want to hear and quote you dates that are incorrect! I paid over $350 for their ** “services”.

Rev. J of Council Bluffs, IA on Feb. 16, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

Tax preparation fees of almost $400.00! I did not realize, until it was too late that they charge by the form, and I have a lot of them. I had no idea that TurboTax has a version with all the forms I needed for under $100.00. So I let H&R Block do it. I opted for the Emerald Card. I was told when I got the H&R Block Emerald card that I could transfer the money in one fell swoop. This is true, but it costs you $25.00 to do so. I was not told this. It costs money to check balances at the ATM; it costs money to get money from the ATM. My refund did not come in time to pay off the Emerald Card before it was due. I called the call center to pay off the account on time and was told I had to go to either Wells Fargo, Bank of America, or US Bank to do it.

I went to all 3. They knew nothing of this. I went to the local H&R Block office. I was then told I had to go to Wal-Mart and buy a card for more money, load it with the money, and then I could pay off the account or use Western Union which again costs money. The only option that would not cost me more money is to send a check, which will now cost me more money because it is late. H&R Block have been doing my taxes for 20 years. Never ever again.

TERNITHA of Rochester, ny on Feb. 16, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

I had an appointment that an ad was running, saying $99, however no price was spoken until the end, and I was hit with a $329 fee, another $30 fee for interest, or some **.  I was told my taxes would be back on a certain day. That day has come and been gone, after I questioned it. I was told it wasn’t their fault, and to wait another 7 to 14 days, but I paid.  Now, after the long wait, some weeks, I checked and it’s another amount. Not what’s on my paperwork.

I called the IRS, and there was no problem. I called them. I guess you know I waited over 8 hours, before I got a call back, only to say we don’t know what happened, or where your money went. Up until this date, there wasn’t even a call, and $800 gone. I don’t owe money to IRS or anyone, but all they can say is, it’s not our fault. Finally, IRS called. They messed up the e-file info, but they keep denying that, but I won’t rest until this is resolved, and after 18 years, I will never ever use their services, and I will tell others, however, I see I’m not the only one with these experiences. H&R block has been ripping off the poor for too long. They have no sympathy, no remorse, no apologies, no discount or anything for their errors. I’m not gonna accept that.

Allan of bellevue, IA on Feb. 15, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

My son’s family went to you. The guy did short form for both, state and Federal. And he was charged $250.00. That is crazy! How can you take that much money for about 1 hour of work from a young couple starting out. I hope you can sleep at night for taking that kind of money from people. I’m going to make sure I tell as many people as possible. You will never get any of our money again.

Cathy of Salinas, CA on Feb. 15, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

Filed State and Federal simple forms charged for each entry including $22.00 on $1500.00 unemployment. Total charges $237.00 asked for itemization of charges was told by preparer. He could not give a print out. This is unacceptable. Why is this allowed? I would have walked out and filed returns myself if I knew I could refuse to have them file. I was also told if I had the fee for the service deducted from my return H&R Block charges another fee. Wait I said, I have money in the bank and wrote a check. They wanted me to sign up for some emerald plan additional $33 for what (?) it was not explained to me. I declined this fee. I will tell everyone I know to avoid H&R Block. I will file my taxes myself next year and save the expense of the H&R typist.

Jennifer of Kenosha, WI on Feb. 15, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

My husband and I got our taxes done last year with H&R and it was expensive ($220). We did get our money quick and the man who did it was helpful and answered our questions. We said though we would not go back next year. Well, we made the mistake of going there this year again. We thought since we had a baby this year and they new all our information, we would go again. For starters, we got there at 5:20, 10 minutes before our appointment with a baby in hand. Well, we waited 50 minutes for the girl to show up! We were not walk-ins. We had an appointment. I was about to leave and I should have.

An hour and a half later, our taxes were done and guess how much our bill was with it deposited into our bank account. $ 380. We were about to leave and we were told as well we could not. They tried saying that they charge per form now! The worst part is this is not the worst part. We went into the office on 1/25/2012. One week later, I called because the IRS was not showing any information. No response from them.

A week later, I called again and was told it was never filled! Wow. Really? I was told that the girl never had a senior worker sign it. Now, they just changed my direct deposit date to the 25, a month to the date we filed. I have tried to contact their main office. I do not think I should have to pay for any of their services since they are guaranteed certainly not for the direct deposit. Do not waste your time or money with these people. Next year, I am going to an accountant.

patricia of Danville, KY on Feb. 14, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 2/5

A simple form cost me $185.00, last year $88.00. This year more simple will not go back, next year a rip-off.

Maria of uxbridge, ma, MA on Feb. 14, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

I am appalled at the fee that H&R Block has just charged me. It is almost three times what I have paid for other professional services in the past 20 years. They get you by estimating a low fee. Once they prepare the return, you are hooked. I will never go there again!

Tyler of apt 103, CO on Feb. 14, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

Both I and my girlfriend had our taxes done through H&R Block. We both had probably the stupidest so-called “Tax Professional”. It took them over an hour to do my taxes and almost 2 hours to do my girlfriend’s. We both had simple taxes. We thought by going to them that it would be better. I was charged over $200 to do mine and she was charged $178. Soon after having out taxes done we checked online to find out that TurboTax can do the same thing for only $66.

We called H&R Block to try to stop everything but they said, “We are sorry it is already sent and in the main frame. Sorry.” We then called customer support and they said, “We cannot do anything, we are just here to direct you to and H&R Block Tax Professional.” Well they have lost our business and we strongly recommend that you go to someone else or do your own online. H&R Block you suck and you are a scam!

Kimberly of Sidney, OH on Feb. 13, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

I went to H&R Block this year, because I had a coupon for a free 1040EZ tax return. Well, since I had child care credit, the coupon was not acceptable. The charge was outrageous, and I will never go to them again, and I will let everyone else know what kind of a ripoff company they are. I am a single mother of three children, and need every penny I can get. They charged me $321 plus $55 to have it deposited into my account. Where does the $55 come into play? It doesn’t cost anything to have your money direct deposited. I will be sending a letter to the Better Business Bureau. I could have gone to a CPA, and my charges would have been much less. I am now waiting on my refund. I wonder how long that will take! They take advantage of taxpayers. I called and complained, and of course, they will do nothing! I’m sure they won’t be in business much longer, if word gets out like I plan on doing.

Lydia of Belgrade, MT on Feb. 13, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

H&R Block have an ad on channel 6 in Bozeman, MT. It claims that if you file your taxes by the end of February, they are free. Not so. I had a simple form and it cost me $178 and when I asked why, the preparer said, “Oh, our manager opted no to do that.” I said how can that be when it is advertised on TV. His reply was, “I wish I could help you but that is the way it is.” I told him that is false advertising.

Gay  of Iron Mountain, MI on Feb. 13, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

I normally do my income tax filing online with TurboTax. I did it at home and found out I had to pay in so I figured I was doing something wrong. Well, after listening to the commercials on TV about H&R Block, I decided to call. Well, they came up with the same results I did but it cost me $249 to file. I was shocked. I figured because she took the time to go through them, I had to pay. I was and still am very pissed off! I then went home and re-processed (didn’t send in) my taxes on TurboTax and H&R Block. Both were going to charge me less than $90. I then called H&R back and said I wanted a refund! They said there was nothing they could do as my taxes have been processed. No, an unacceptable answer! I am continuing to argue this. I will never go to them again nor will I refer them to anyone!

Marilou of Vallejo, CA on Feb. 13, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

I went to H&R Block at 4300 Sonoma Blvd. in Vallejo, Ca. in January 2011 to have my income tax prepared and I paid $250.00 for that. Its okay since I have had them prepared my income tax there every year for four years. As soon as the preparer saw my refund, she asked me if I wanted to avail of the Emerald Card to save me $35.00. I asked if there is a charge for that, she said no. I asked if I can withdraw money from it, and she said yes again. Yes, she retrieved the disclosure form (in fine prints and was about three pages long) asked me to sign which I did, thinking she would print a copy for me and put it in my records. I asked again if I could transfer it to my account, all at one time. And she said YES.

I used it at Wal-Mart to buy a $25.00 worth of groceries, it was okay. But when I went to the B. A. counter to transfer the balance to my savings account, the teller said they could not do that, because that could only be done at the atm. I used the ATM and it read that the bank charges $2.50 in addition to card institution charges. When I called H&R block emerald card the representative told me these;

Every time I used the card to buy something or get cash from an ATM they charge $25.00. I cannot believe H&R block can do this. Beware this particular H&R block is not licensed. Anyway, I filed a complaint at the California board of complaints. Also, my son signed up for the peace of mind services (they will take care of any errors that may have been made on the tax returns.) they did not. This is not the time to steal people’s money. Many people like me are now unemployed and suffering.

Amy of La, ca on Feb. 13, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 2/5

I went to get my tax done, 1040ez with one dependent. They charged me $220, which was ridiculously expensive. I was not happy about the charge, hope if there is any amendments of tax, or audit, they will not charge me any penny.

NITIN of #204, ky on Feb. 12, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

When I visited the H&R Block, the person who started preparing the tax never gave me any idea of how much it would cost. First point and next just for filing a federal tax having just interest income the cost they are charging is $99 which is ridiculous. For tax filing, $51. I have not paid them and not planning to file through them.

Dominique  of Kansas City, MO on Feb. 11, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

H&R Block has been doing my taxes for 16 years now. It has always been a bit expensive, but we felt it was worth it to have ‘professionals’ handle it and save us the headache of figuring it all out and the heartache if we did it wrong. We now realize that we have been ** ourselves these 16 years. A chimp can fill out a simple tax return like ours and we’ve been paying some fat cat to do it. This year they charged us twice what we were charged last year, secured a return of less than half of what we received last year, and promised us that we would receive our refund no later than the 6th of February, which was 4 times longer than last year! It is now the 11th and we still haven’t received a dime. This year I have resolved to quit allowing myself to be robbed by fat cat down-pressers. I am so sick of it. I have pulled the plug on T-Mobile this year, Commerce Bank, Sprint, my landlords (trying to figure out how to quit paying utilities, too), and H&R Block–you are on notice and your services will no longer be required. And I’ll be sure to “tell a friend” or a thousand! How’s that for telling you something good? Bloodsuckers!

Mary of Berkeley, CA on Feb. 11, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

Every year my fees go up at H & R Block.  I complained about it, but continued to go.  Today I was charged $209.00 to do my tax returns.  Now last year, I was charged $200.00 because I waited so late and was told they charge more during the time period (in April).  Whatever.  Well, here it is ** February and I’m being charged even more.  This time I was told it was because of my HSA (Health savings) form.  I have that every year!  Anyway, I took all my papers and got up and left.  They’ve just lost me as a customer.  They are liars, cheaters and in fact, a couple years ago, one of their employees stole my wallet when I left it there.  Needless to say, the employee denied it and my wallet was never found.

tom of north east, PA on Feb. 11, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

My wife and I filed a joint income tax return. We indicated that we were interested in filing the 1040EZ as it was advertised to be a free filing. We sat with the preparer during the process, which took approximately 30 minutes. Most of this time consisted of waiting for the preparer to click through the screens, sign our name electronically, etc. Then there was a mistake. All this information had to be re-entered. So much for being fast.

When the filing was completed, the preparer asked us how we wanted to pay. We indicated again that we requested to file the 1040EZ for the free filing. The preparer stated that because we had received a dividend, the long form had to be filed. At this time, the branch manager had overheard the conversation and walked into the cubicle. The branch manager then confirmed that the taxes had to be filed on the long form because of the dividend.

The dividend in question was in the amount of $111.00 which was from a class action lawsuit my wife was involved in years ago. H & R Block was now requesting a payment of $140.00 because the long form had to be filed.

We discussed this fee with the preparer and the branch manager. Evidently, there is nothing they could do. The long form had to be filed and we owed $140.00.They would take cash or check then for the $140 or we could have it taken out of our refund, at which time they would recoup a service fee of $35. Nice job H & R Block. You lost my business & hopefully the business of all those who would talk to me


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annette of Mt. Airy , nc on Feb. 10, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

I filed my tax return on January 27th and paid for RAL.  I thought the emerald card would get it faster for me but I can’t find out nothing.  They have been telling me for over a week that it has been accepted by the IRS.  Everyone I work with who filed before or after me has already received their returns.  I have called several times; the staff is rude and basically no help at all.  I will never use H&R Block again.

Carmen of League City, TX on Feb. 10, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

I am a single mother and work for a church, so to say the least I need every penny I can get and faster is always better. I chose to file my taxes with H&R Block because they advertised low fees and fast refunds. The representative who assisted me was to say the least not very bright. She was no more versed in tax laws than myself. I had to watch every number she put in and correct her more than once. The few questions I had she could not answer. I was not told how much I was going to be charged for my filing my taxes until she was finished and it was too late to back out. I was also told that I would receive my refund within 7-14 business days.

Conclusion: I was charged around $260 to file and an extra $35 in bank fees because my refund had to go through their bank before it could come to mine (this could also take an extra 4 days). If I had filed with Turbo Tax I would have only paid $30 to file and the return would have come directly to my bank account making it a lot faster! I ended up waiting more than 3 weeks for my return and paying an extra $265 just to have some idiot plug numbers into an idiot proof program. H&R Block should be sued for false advertising. There is no such thing as an RAC (refund anticipation check)!

Marianne of Pensacola, FL on Feb. 10, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

I had an appointment and went in to get taxes done.  The person that helped me told me it would probably be around $100.00.  I kind of cringed but said okay.  At the end, it was $201.00.  I was very upset but had to pay for services rendered.  I will never go through H&R Block again.  That was outrageous.

frank of 96002, ca on Feb. 9, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

We had H&R Block do our taxes because they advertised a faster tax return. After we completed our taxes, we were hit with an outrageous $250 filing fee. They filled a basic 1040 EZ and a 540. Ouch! We got the Emerald card because we were advised this would make our tax return even quicker. They gave us an expected date of February 1st 2012. We filed on the 24th of January 2012. It is now the 9th of February and according to the IRS website, they deposited the money on the 8th of February 2012. We still have nothing on the Emerald card and H&R block has been less than helpful even to the point of being rude. We would like a full refund of our money since the services H&R Block advertised they provided were not rendered. This has caused financial hardship for a family of six who needs every penny.

Patrick of Pooler, GA on Feb. 9, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

I have used a professional tax service for the last several years and paid for those services but got quality service. Around $500 a year. Just being recently separated I could use every penny, so I decided to use H&R because of all their misleading advertising. I thought it would be less expensive. I was wrong. And they don’t tell you until they file what you owe and everything you have seen is a lie. Big mistake using H&R. First of all that little poster they have on the wall as an estimate of what you will pay is a total lie. After I told the lady what I paid last year her exact words where they got you. Well, she tried to skip over everything and I had to tell her to go back and add my deductions. Well, to fast forward, my total fees were $505 with the $15 coupon. What a joke! So to use her words, H&R really got me!

Charles of Knoxville, TN on Feb. 8, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 2/5

I used H&R’s website to check our refund status, their phone service, and looked at the IRS web service. I learned that the IRS had direct deposited our on 2-7-12. According to H&R our funds were to be ready on or about 2-8. Since the IRS had already deposited our refund I then called customer support in see if there was a problem or when the money would be made available. The support rep did not ask for any identifying information and told me, “UmYou’ll just have to wait it out.” We paid $275 for HR to prepare and file our taxes and this is the type of support service we got. We still don’t have our money and our questions are still unanswered. I posted my problem to H&R’s Facebook page and someone replied and told me to send an email. I did and that is still unanswered. I will never return to H&R. It’s ridiculous to pay someone to lie and be rude to you.

TIFFANY of Apt. 1718, tx on Feb. 8, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

I went to H&R Block to get my taxes done. The tax preparer said I need all kind of different forms to file my taxes and never gave me a total until he finished. To make a long story short the forms he used ate up my whole refund including their fees. I was devastated and he charged me $300 plus extra for the forms. They give you no options. I wish these business would spell out every cost to the consumer before taking them for a ride. It is a rip off. I recommend them to no one ever.

ALLISON of Jblm, wa on Feb. 8, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

I paid H&R Block to prepare my taxes and I paid to receive my taxes in 7 to 14 days. The IRS said they deposited my refund and H&R Block says that they have not received it. They told me that they don’t know when they will receive it and that when they get the money. It will be another 4 days before they will deposit it into my account. Yet they are still taking their $383.00 even though it has already been 3 weeks and I don’t have my refund. They have broken their contract and yet they still expect to be paid for a service that they did not provide. If I would have wanted to wait to get my refund, I could have filed my taxes for free or at least a lot less than H&R Block is charging. I am on a military base and there are literally soldiers complaining everywhere we go about the service they received from H&R Block.

stephanie of westminster md, MD on Feb. 8, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

I am being charged $228 to file a 1040A form. I don’t itemize or anything. I was told because I had EIC, I get that every year. It’s a short easy form to add in. That is more than people pay who own homes and itemize and have two and three jobs.

joe of olivehurst, CA on Feb. 8, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

It is costing me $261.00 this year for H&R Block to do my taxes and that is with there $20 coupon. This in my opinion is crazy. My girlfriend and I will not use H&R Block anymore. That is a crazy price jump from last year and I think it’s a lot of my hard earned money to be paying for a easy 10 minute job, a few clicks of a mouse.

lucille m of nampa, ID on Feb. 7, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

I went to them to file my taxes and paid for what was to be a anticipation loan. My brother, he just went online to Taxact, only $18.00 filed everything and was told exactly what day he would have received a check and it showed up 2 days earlier than they said. Meanwhile, I feel that HR Block has lied to a lot of people by saying the system is running slow! Really? I don’t think so. I know of several who did Taxact online and received their money in just a few days. I will never ever pay that much money to do our taxes again. I have been lied to by them one to many times!

Tricia of Saint Marys, GA on Feb. 6, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

In 2010, we had H&R Block prepare our 2009 taxes. I keep questioning a 1099-C we had received that they wanted to omit. I even had the preparer ask a manager. In May of 2011, we received a letter from the IRS stating we did not report it. I immediately called H&R Block and showed them the letter and my taxes they prepared. They said, since I didn’t get the “Peace of Mind” I was responsible. I said what is that and why was I never offered it? They said, I declined it. I argued that I signed a paper for my refund, not knowing it was to decline the “Peace of Mind”. So, the owner sent me a letter offering to do my taxes for free for 2011.

I thought we would give them a second shot at this, since it was not going to cost me. Well, I went on 2/3/12 to file, had a 1099-C again, they input it this time but they did not know what they were doing. On 2/4/12 I got a phone call from H&R Block saying, they received a message form the IRS, that the 1099-C was done incorrectly and I would have to amend my taxes after I got my refund. Of course, they said they would do this for free, but I also bought the “Peace of Mind” this year.

The more I think about it, the more is gets me frustrated with them. I should get my $35.00 fee for the “Peace of Mind” back! I will use TaxAct from now on.

margarita of bell, CA on Feb. 5, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 2/5

I was upset because they charging me a lot of money. I have done them several times but never again. Their fees are ridiculous.

Norma Jane  of Zanesville, OH on Feb. 4, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

We filed our taxes over a month ago and we were supposed to get our state refund direct deposited to our bank account in 2 to 4 days. We still haven’t received it. Our federal refund was supposed to be put on an Emerald card in 2 weeks & we still haven’t received it either. We have used H&R Block for several years but we may not in the future because we have a lot of bills to be paid & I have no idea when we will get any money.

Eric of Glendale, AZ on Feb. 4, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 2/5

The H&R Block tax preparer did not deduct all my business expenses like gasoline and food. At first, she was going to charge me over $400, then she cut the cost to $362. I still think it was way too expensive. Many of my friend itemized their gasoline and food for personal expenses. She said that I cannot deduct gasoline and food during operating my business. H&R Block just just cost me. And I lost more money. It would be the end.

mommy of youngsville, NC on Feb. 4, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 2/5

I have been a customer of H&R Block for about 15 years. This year, I have made my mind up to never file with them again. I was charged 300 dollars for my tax return. I was told if I use the Emerald Card, I would receive my money faster than direct deposit. Of course, I did just that. I have paid 300 dollars. I want my money quick as I can get it for that price. I still have not got my money and H&R Block doesn’t have a clue when I will get it. Isn’t that just bananas? If I provide you a service, the least I could do is give accurate information or none at all. I know it’s up to the IRS but, please tell me this before you pretend to provide me something that I can do myself for about 39 dollars. Most of my friend used Tax Act, they have already received their money. One had a date from the IRS the same as I and she got her money today. So tell me what am I wasting my money for? Next year will be so different. I will use the eFile from the IRS. I guess they would be the head and not the tail. By the way, I filed on Jan. 29, 2012.

Theresa of Oak Creek , WI on Feb. 4, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

My husband and I had our taxes done at H&R Block for over 10 years when our consultant moved away. Another agent was recommended at a different location. We made our appointment for the evening. When we got there, we waited close to an hour and half for our preparer. Finally, she passed us on to another agent. We were not pleased with him at all. Several months later, we received a letter from the IRS. There were errors and we now had fees and owed money. We had the Peace of Mind guarantee so we took everything to H&R and we were told someone would be in contact.

Days and weeks went by and nothing so I called. They had no record of our complaint so I sent them everything again. We were concerned the IRS would garnish my husband’s wages. So we paid it. We submitted it to H&R Block and nothing. The next year, we got a call from H&R asking if we wanted to set up a time to get our taxes done. I said after what happened last time, no thank you. They said they were sorry. We just fell through the cracks and said if we ever wanted to return, they wanted us back and would give us a deep discount. That was three years ago.

We had been happy the first 10 years so we thought about giving them another chance this year. So I called the Oak Creek office on Howell ave. The manager made me feel like I was a crook. She said she had been the manager for years and there had never been a problem with anyone’s taxes so she has no idea what I was talking about. I told her I had the letter from the IRS. I had certified letters sent to them asking why they would not honor the guarantee, etc. She said (with attitude), “Well, I don’t see how that could have happened but I will see if we can get you some type of discount,” then hung up. I called back and said to forget it.

It was bad enough they didn’t honor their own guarantee but they basically called us liars even though I had a folder full of proof. I would say you get what you pay for but they are the most expensive place we have ever used, almost $300. We will just go back to the place we have been using the last few years. It’s just it’s hard to get in there but it is only $150 for the same taxes that H&R Block charges $300 to do.

Ceasor of Apt-204, NC on Feb. 3, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 2/5

I have been filing my tax returns from Turbo Tax for two years.  This year I checked on Turbo Tax and it was showing me that I had to pay IRS some amount.  So, I thought of getting a second opinion from H&R Block as they advertise “free consulting”.   I went to the office and the tax specialist started handing over a couple of documents to me for signing.  I was apprehensive and tried to question her intent.  She responded that I need to sign them, that I am allowing H&R Block access to my personal data and that they will not disclose it to third party.  So, I went ahead and signed them.  Later she started filling the details into their computer system and handed me a couple of more documents for signing.  Now I got suspicious and told her that I was there for consultation.  She said she has started preparing my tax filing and I cannot “go back”.  This was pathetic.  Their quote of “Do not pay until you are satisfied,” did not hold true.

Moreover, the tax I owed to IRS was not lowered even by a penny.  I owed the same amount to IRS as was showing on Turbo Tax.  I ended up paying $43 for something that would have cost me $25 on Turbo tax.  I am highly dissatisfied with the way they kind of forced me to file the taxes then and there.  I advise you avoid H&R as much as possible.  There are many other far better tax consultants who can save us the same or more money, not being overly expensive.

Tiffany of Liverpool, NY on Feb. 2, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

I went to H&R Block for the first time ever this year to have my taxes prepared, and I was appalled. Not only did they charge me $450 to do my taxes, but then I corrected my “tax professional” twice and still have to wait two weeks for my return! This is the most outrageous price I have ever been charged for such a simple service. I called ahead of time when I made the appointment to ask about the fees, and I was quoted $119 plus $39 for state filing and $4 fee for something else. I have always gone to Jackson Hewitt, and this is what I get for trying someone new!

As a single mom of two, there are plenty of other things that I could have done with $450 rather than handing it to someone for crunching a few numbers. To make matters worse, I had already started my federal return online so all of my information was already in their system and all this lady had to do was hit enter! I feel scammed and stupid for trusting them. My best bet to anyone who wants their taxes done, go anywhere but H&R Block!

Becky of Brazoria, TX on Feb. 2, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 2/5

I went in and was told my return would be free. I sat down with one person who was unable to figure out how to complete my forms due to my educational status. I was referred to another employee who had been there longer. She sat down with me, wasted my time going through everything because then she told me the final fees would be $278 because I was filing one child and a 1098-T. Both people were pleasant but the fees were a shock. I refused to sign the final signature page and left. I went home and completed my taxes on TurboTax free.

Chris of Millis, MA on Feb. 2, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

I recently moved to Massachusetts from a different state and was confused on how to file my taxes. I went to H&R Block in Franklin, MA. The “tax specialist” was also confused on how to file my taxes and had to ask a couple different colleagues for help. My mind was never put at ease during the whole process as I feel I wasn’t really described the filing process. In previous years, I filed my taxes online and it was relatively easy. The in-office process took about an hour today only to find out I was being charged $318.00 at the end. My return was only $400. I was so furious because they really caught me off guard with their rates! Thanks for the $79 tax refund coming my way! I would never recommend anyone go H&R Block! There are far easier and smarter avenues to follow!

michael of waynesville mo, MO on Jan. 31, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

I filed e-file at home with H&R block, and when my return didn’t come when it was estimated to, I called to see what was what. I talked to at least 12 people, and every one told me something different and when I asked to file a complaint, I was told I could not and that there was no one to complain to. And then I was put in contact with a “subject matter expert” who was rude and condescending and told me if I don’t like it, I take my business elsewhere.

Alexia of Patterson , NY on Jan. 29, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

I went to file my taxes and not only was I charged $337.00, but the preparer did not even speak english.  I had to repeat my answers to her questions numerous times and check the information that she was submitting because she did not know how to type as well.

I work in CT and live in NY.  She kept telling me throughout the process that she has never done a NYS return.  Could you imagine how nervous that makes me feel when the person I am paying to do my taxes from a legitimate business is telling me that she does not understand NY taxes?  On top of it all, she used my automatic signature in the system and signed numerous forms that I did not get to review.

I did my taxes with this company last year and never had a problem but this year will be that last time I use H&R block.  It’s a scam!

I was told by the preparer that I should activate my Emerald card within 24 hours of receiving it.  I tried to activate it two days later and I was not registered to the card.  So then, I checked my E-file status online and again it was not recognized.  I then called the preparer and she did not understand what I was saying so she transferred me to another tax preparer who explained that they were not able to submit it last night because they went home at 9:30pm, so they should have taken care of it this morning.  When I called customer service, they tell me that they will call me back and that this happens sometimes because they are so busy in the office.

I received a phone call twenty minutes later from the original tax preparer explaining that she submitted it today.  When I asked her when, she continued with an attitude and said “today.”  I then continued to explain that it takes two hours for me to view so I would like to know around what time.  She then said, “this afternoon.”  I said, great then I will check in a moment and she continued to explain that she would complete it in a few minutes.  She asked me for my email and home address after I had given that to her when I filed my return.

I am in the hospitality industry for over twelve years and know a thing or two about service and working with people.  This company not only lacks customer service but lacks tax experience.  I believe that maybe they hire people who are just looking for extra cash during the tax season.  The receptionist was rude and ignored everyone that came into the office as well as complained that she had not been able to punch in because a customer needed assistance. The presentation, atmosphere, and overall experience is one that I refuse to encounter again.

Bridget of Tolleson, AZ on Jan. 28, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

H&R Block charged me $320.50 to prepare my taxes. It has been almost 3 weeks and I still have not received my tax return. When I call the office, the receptionist is short with me and rude. I called the district manager and was told it could be up to another week before I receive my return and the rude receptionist will call me when it is in. I will never file my taxes with H&R Block again!

Shania of Rochester, PA on Jan. 28, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

I will never file my taxes again with H&R Block. They said they charged $119 to $280 just to claim my son on the taxes. I could deal with $119 but just to add a few more numbers and a name they charged me $260 more and on top of that they are going to charge me because I didn’t want their Emerald card. They are crooks. Because of certain things going on, I had no choice but file with them, but next year I know better I will just go to Jackson Hewitt or something.

Bruce of Walbridge, oh on Jan. 27, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

I cannot understand why 2 people on social security with a few 401k statements had to pay well over $300.00 for tax return. Why not only that when I called to make an appointment, they scheduled me with a well over 80 yr old man that you could hardly hear or understand. Before we left, we let him know we will not be back. My wife’s late husband was an OTR truck driver that needed a lot of extra filing and he never paid what we paid today. We will not go back and hope to tell you if anyone inquire about going to H&R Block, we will let them know.

Andrew  of Pittsburgh, PA on Jan. 27, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 1/5

People: H&R Block is not the same as it was years ago! They no longer give you the money early. They have to wait till IRS pays them and they pay you! They have raised their prices over the years. It is no longer reasonable to go to them for simple forms or if you only have dependents! I paid $315 for them to do 1040 with 3 dependents which anyone could have done themselves. Every city or community has help for those who cannot.

This year it is taking way longer due to IRS changes–about 2-3 weeks efile on Emerald Card! I’m currently on my 16th day before the weekendnow IRS says February 3rd! I filed at H&R Block on Jan. 13th! H&R Block will not disclose this with you so be prepared to wait longer than normal! $315 for less than an hour’s time is ridiculous and you’re not receiving the money any earlier than if you efile yourself! Turbo Tax is the way to go. Notice how H&R Block now have the home edition because they know their offices will be closing! Do not use H&R Block. I’m a customer for many years and I’m fed up! Too expensive for nothing!

Carla of Hermitage, TN on Jan. 27, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 2/5

Stay away from H&R block. The fee was $260, and I still have to wait two weeks. I’ve had them prepare my taxes for over 15 years, and have never had to wait that long. You would come out better, by trying to Efile or Jackson Hewitt. Please don’t set yourself up like I did.

Glenda of Glencoe, OK on Jan. 27, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 2/5

You advertise on TV taxes done for free. I went to the Stillwater Ok office. They charged me 264 to do my taxes. This is such a rip off. My taxes were not that difficult; I was expecting to pay something but not this much. I will never go back to a H&R Block again and I will tell everyone I meet what a rip off your company is!

Dorothy of Blaine, MN on Jan. 20, 2012
Satisfaction Rating: 2/5

I had my taxes prepared at Northtown Mall in Minnesota on 1/19/12 by Marilyn ** who did a good job. When I found out what the fee was, I could not believe it. They charged $323.50. for a service that a CPA from last year charged $240 which I thought was a lot. My taxes were not that complicated. I am 62 years old and cannot afford it. I had to use my Visa to pay for it. And now, I start making payments on that. The fee was 1/3 of the refund. Is there anything the company do to help me?

Avoid HRBlock!

In Uncategorized on February 28, 2012 at 1:01 pm

At the time I was filing, HRBlock knew about their so called “IRS funding delay” but they still promised me that I would get my refund in 7 to 10 days!

Do you know that people that filed with other tax services got their money in less than 10 days? My brother filed his AFTER ME and got his in EXACTLY 7 days! He makes about the same amount I do and got alomost TWICE the amount of refund I was expecting, NO KIDDING!

They try to get you to get their Emerald Card claiming that you would get your refund quicker but it is all a lie! The emerald card does not help you get your refund quicker at all! They are just trying to sell their stupid cards!

Do you know they charge you $34 for direct deposit? WHICH COMPANY DOES THAT? I have been filing my taxes with Turbo Tax for years and I have NEVER paid a dime, My refunds ALWAYS come on time sometimes even sooner!